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Paul Cook - President

NMLS: 142410

As a 'Ramblin' Wreck' and engineer from Georgia Tech, Paul started his career designing rail transit systems. After four years he hopped the train to a new career in the mortgage industry. His goal was to focus more on a people oriented business. Getting out from behind the computer screen full of technical drawings and interacting with clients was a very rewarding change.

Paul has been originating loans since 2004 and started Post Creek Mortgage, LLC in 2007. He originates and processes all loans from start to finish and brings his 11+ years experience to bear for every closing. Attending each closing has always been a priority for Paul. Every effort is made to be present.
Paul has taken his experience in the engineering field and created a business built on efficiency and honest service. The company's reduced infrastructure leads to the lowest rates and costs in Georgia. Paul, the owner, handling the file from beginning to end creates the highest level of service imaginable.

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Sean Grapevine - Vice-President

NMLS: 1286889

Sean Grapevine grew up in Decatur and has lived in Atlanta for almost his entire life where he studied History and Economics at Emory University. Before starting in the mortgage business, he was a chef in some well-known Decatur eateries. After Emory, Sean joined the mortgage business because of its unique blend of finances and customer service: two of his greatest passions.

Sean attends all of his closings and also attends to each loan from start to finish, never handing them off at any stage of the process. His dedication to honest, fair work and the streamlined, low-overhead set up of Post Creek Mortgage help keep spirits up and costs low for his customers.

In his off time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jacquelyn; reading; helping out at his church; and impatiently waiting to get back to work. He and Jacquelyn spend most of their waking hours together eating, talking about food, cooking, and shopping for food.

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